183: Next Level Selling: The Inside Track on Guided Selling Technology

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Contact info:

David John Bonney

Email: david@fourtyfive.io


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidjohnbonney/


David Bonney is the CEO and Founder of the world’s first SaaS platform specifically designed for Sales Trainers, FourtyFive.io. David has been focused on sales execution and process for 15 years. That focus has spanned the entire Revenue Operations Lifecycle and has allowed him to create a powerful yet unique sales platform that helps companies with a proven sales process drastically improve execution and ultimately conversion.

David works with process-oriented companies. They know that when great people and great process come together, anything can be achieved. It is with this focus that David has been able to innovate and progress the sales industry at levels that have never been seen before.

This innovation led to the creation of the world’s first Saas platform specifically designed for Sales Trainers. It focuses on improving the actual execution of discovery and demonstration calls to improve the consistency of outcomes across closed rate, average revenue per deal and time to close. This platform helps sales shops, of any size, produce like the biggest sales teams in the world and companies around the globe scale their revenue production faster than ever thought possible.

David is the author of More Sales, Bigger Impact. This game-changing book goes into detail about how the craft of sales is dying due to poor training and actionable ways we can turn that around! David lives in Nashville Tennessee with his beautiful wife and two daughters where great people, great food, and great times are the cultural order of the day.

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