162: Enterprise Sales: The Inside Track on Putting the Customer First

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Contact info:

Stephen Timme

FinListics Solutions

Email: stimme@finlistics.com

Website: https://www.finlistics.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-stephen-timme-phd-finance

Email info@finlistics.comfor:

Complimentary chapter 1 – Executive Insights from Amazon Best Seller – “Insight-Led Selling; Adopt an Executive Mindset, Build Credibility, Communicate with Impact”

And/or more information about FinListics services

Please note that heard about FinListics after listening to “Profit from the Inside” podcast

Visit finlistics.com to learn more about Insight-Led Selling. Lots of value information in “Resources.”

Follow FinListicsand Dr. Stephen Timme on LinkedIn for future events on Insight-Led Selling


Dr. Stephen Timme is the founder and president of FinListics Solutions. He is also the co-author of the Amazon Best Seller, Insight-Led Selling; Adopt an Executive Mindset; Build Credibility; Communicate with Impact. Before founding FinListics, Stephen was a Professor of Finance at Emory University and several other universities.

His passion for finance led to the creation of a consulting practice that focused on helping companies improve financial performance. The practice morphed into the FinListics Solutions which helps B2B sellers, like IBM and CISCO, speak the language of executive buyers.

Stephen’s experience interacting with executive buyers and coaching top sales organizations throughout the world make him a valuable resource to any sales executive or professional. To be more relevant, his message is to tell executive buyers something they don’t know, show the business and financial benefits of their solutions, and make their lives easier. The actionable insights he provides make him a sought after expert within the industry.

Giving back to the community is important to Stephen. He is on the Board of Directors at Camp Trach Me Away and Sunshine on a Ranney Day, both of which help special needs children live more fulfilling lives.

Stephen has a BBA and Ph.D. from Georgia State University.

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