159: Marketing: The Inside Track on Making it Work

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Contact info:

Email: Will@ReasonAgency.co

Website: https://wwwReasonAgency.co

Phone: 727-364-6384

LinkedIn: https://wwwLiinkedin.com/in/Will-Perry-4a483958

Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/WilliamPerryOfficial

Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/ReasonMediaOfficial


Will Perry is the CEO and CMO of Orlando-based Reason Agency, a direct response ad agency that helps 7-figure & 8-figure DTC brands reduce CPA with their AI-Driven Split Testing process, specializing in apparel, health and wellness, and healthy food spaces within e-commerce. Companies often come to REASON in order to take their current advertising efforts to an elite level in order to discover new growth.

Will is an expert in Acquisition Strategy, Data Analysis & Optimization processes and an eCommerce marketing consultant who knows what it takes to scale your business. He has consulted and managed over $60M in ads and sales, and that number continues to grow.

Will knows what works best now as well as what is going to work moving forward, utilizing seemingly unlikely platforms such as TikTok to get his clients ahead of the competition.

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