5 Common Misperceptions About Personal Branding for SMB's

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Personal Branding used to seem optional. When did it become a must-have for businesses of every size?

There are plenty of myths regarding the necessity of personal branding for small-to-medium sized businesses. The standard marketing tactics used only 15 years ago are no longer enough to engage a younger audience. Today’s consumers look for more than ‘the best deal’ when making purchase decisions. If small-to-medium sized businesses underestimate the necessity of strong personal and CEO branding, they may be leaving an opportunity for their competitors to get ahead.

In this episode we discuss why personal branding is no longer an option, why we say that "done is better than perfect", and the most common ways SMB's complicate their Personal Branding and CEO branding efforts.

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About Claire Bahn

Claire Bahn is the CEO and Founder of Claire Bahn Group. For over ten years, she has been helping high-achieving CEOs, executives, investors, and founders maximize their authority and influence to accelerate business growth and gain the recognition they deserve.

As an entrepreneur and influencer with over 70k+ followers, she learned the importance of creating and curating a personal brand that magnetizes opportunities and boosts visibility. Her mission is to help others leverage their personal brand to develop the authority, influence, and trust they need to exceed their career and life goals.

She’s been featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis, MarketWatch, and Ticker Australia, to name just a few.

She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two adorable miniature pinschers named Beau and Trixie.

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