215. Beware of corn sweat - Pointless Exercise Baseball Podcast

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The Cubs are headed to the Field of Dreams Game and Frank Schwindel will not be going with. Unless he can hurry up and drive some nails into his car tires again. Frank's been replaced on the roster by the very large Franmil Reyes, and David Brown has high hopes for Franmil. The guys discuss a lot of interesting things like what Cubs player is strangely referenced on Hulu's "The Bear," what Sayid from "Lost" is up to these days, and whether or not the Field of Dreams uniforms are cool and how both teams will need to be on the lookout for corn sweat. They give their thoughts on players being interviewed during games, what the White Sox are going to do without Tim Anderson and Andy has a suggestion that Sox fans probably won't like, but it just might happen. And, they talk about unusual injuries to baseball players, snot rockets, and how Madison Bumgarner once dated himself. All that and much, much, more.

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