S2021 Ep46: 046 – Let’s talk about the parents as disciple makers

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Christian parents who want to actively help their children follow Jesus may find that this role changes as their family gets older. In this episode, Dr. Gareth Crispin (Cliff College, England and father of 3) and Gillian Spiers (mum of 4 from First Dromara Presbyterian) are in conversation with Graeme Thompson (PCI Youth Development Officer) about how parents can disciple their young people. They discuss the privileges and challenges of parenting, the daily patterns and habits of Christian families and how they can partner with the church in this critical process.

Some of the resources mentioned in the discussion are: “Together with God: An Introduction to Family Worship” (2016) Gareth Crispin & Ed Mackenzie; “The Generative Church” (2019) Cory Seibel (Ed) – Chap. 4 “The Relationship between Church and Home” (Gareth Crispin); The One Conversation Model (by Axis); and “The Pop Culture Parent: Helping Kids Engage Their World for Christ” (2020) Ted Turnau

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