S2021 Ep35: 035 – The Church Recovery Guide

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This episode is focused on congregations can recover core elements of their life and witness that has been lost over the past year. We hear from Author and Pastor Karl Vaters who unpacks some key themes from his recently published book called “The Church Recovery Guide.” He explores the need to re-assess our programmes, re-engage with volunteers and continue to use digital technology to engage those outside our church. Host Rick Hill is also joined by PCI’s Children’s Development Officer Ruth Bromley to consider this theme from a children’s and family angle. To read more of Karl’s thoughts, check out this blog: What To Do If Church Volunteers Don’t Come Back For A While | KarlVaters.com
For further information on how to set up and run your children’s ministry at this time, please go to: bit.ly/3hCVnLW

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