Episode 19: Building a House for Diversity

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Championed as the ‘Father of Diversity’, Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr. introduced the world to the Giraffe and Elephant who lived in the same neighborhood. Published over 20 years ago, Thomas’ book, “Building a House for Diversity”, offers strategies for the workforce that remain foundational principles today.

This episode’s round table of leaders includes Dr. Roosevelt Thomas’ daughter and Chief Solutions Officer, April Thomas; Executive Leadership Coach, Ivette Mayo; Human Resources Manager, Trisha Cantu; and Leadership and Success Director, John Jacobs.

Essence Learning’s Phyllis Williams will draw from her extensive DEI experience and invite the podcast guest and listeners to take a closer look inside the house built for diversity and learn from each other’s perspectives.

Giraffe and Elephant Resources:

To read the fable, please click: https://acrobat.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:82991190-9435-3a90-adc1-7922e3f0f65c

To listen to the fable, please click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKkS2CDLbLk

To download this episode's Key Learning Guide, please click the link below:


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