7 Side Hustle ideas for doctor (Locum Australia)

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What side hustles can doctors do? In this episode, we talk about locuming, consulting, teaching, alternate roles, medicolegal writing, and so much more. What are the pros and cons of locum life? Who is locum life not suited for?
I then discuss some tips for locum doctors, before sharing Mindset Minute of the day.
Other resources:
Medrecruit | The pros and cons of working as a locum doctor (medworld.com)
Mckinsey.com/about-us/new at mckinsey-blog/doctors-at-mckinsey
The 17 Best Side Hustles for Doctors: Money Making Physician Side Gigs (sidehustlenation.com)

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Send in your questions to: passiveincomedoctors@gmail.com

Send in your questions to: passiveincomedoctors@gmail.com

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