SiriusXM All Out Show Pt 2: Balenciaga Artists, Revelation of the Method & Message from Rude Jude!

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We get a special message from Rude Jude himself on what it is we're trying to accomplish over at SiriusXM! We'll also attempt to decode the Balenciaga ordeal a bit more- this time going into the artists seen on the books in the ad & Jake & Dinos Chapman. We'll get into some of the higher concepts of the "occult" and discuss a bit more on the Revelation of the Method! The real takeaway of these SiriusXM "All Out Show" appearances are to boil this complex idea down for the masses to digest. I wanted to share it for those of you that are trying to either understand all of this or are trying to explain it to someone else.
If you haven't heard Part 1 of our talk- check it out from last week:
If you want to hear something WILD- check out when I did the show in 2015 and see how the All Out Show audience reacted to my "crazy" conspiracy theories!
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