The year in review: Morrison the dangerous Prime Minister

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For most of this year, it looked like Scott Morrison and the Liberal–National coaltion was going to lose the election, but because the opinion polls got it so wrong in 2019, very few people were prepared to predict the election result in 2022.
But it was obvious that Morrison was going to use the same tactics from 2019 to try and win this election – photo and media opportunities, and it was almost like Season Two of At Home With The Morrisons.
Scott Morrison was seen as a formidable campaigner, but that was a charade and a paper tiger – Morrison was a hopeless campaigner and thrown out of office at the May election.
We were strong critics of Morrison during his time as prime minister – and it seems the electorate agreed with us at the federal election. But with all the material and information that’s coming out about Morrison since that election loss, not only was he the worst prime minster in Australia’s history, he was on the way to becoming one of the more dangerous prime ministers.

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