#57 - Window on the West Part 2

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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) Part 14: Henneth Annun Book Analysis Manu (@ManuclearBomb) and Emily (@JRRTweetien) are Token Tolkien for an entire episode, here with the rangers of Ithilien. Faramir puts his hostages, Frodo and Sam, to question about their journey and their secret purpose, so far from their homes in The Shire. Faramir reveals himself to be a shrewd operator and sharp orator, and Sam, dear Sam, is as loyal to his master as ever. I do not love the podcast for its sharpness...I only love that which they discuss! --- Emily wrote a chapter in In One Woman's Life: Celebrating Mary Brooksbank! Get a copy here! Become a Patron of My Brother, My Captain, My Podcast My Brother, My Captain, My Podcast Reference Guide My Brother, My Captain, My Podcast on Twitter My Brother, My Captain, My Podcast on Instagram Manu's Twitter Emily's Twitter

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