Episode 6 - El Sam - What is it like being from the Middle East & Being Gay in The Music Industry?

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El Sam is an Arabic British Alternative, Indie pop Singer-songwriter and producer, who lived in Syria for many years and moved back to the UK shortly after the Syrian war started. It was then that El Sam started writing music expressing the emotions he was experiencing at the time. El Sam has written, self produced two Albums and held two successful sold out album launch parties. In 2018 El Sam released several singles that have been supported by multiple radio stations including BBC introducing. 2019 El Sam has been named in the top 25 artists for bbc introducing artists to watch out for in 2019, calling the list the sound of 2019, 2019 also saw him nominated in two categories for the Birmingham Music Awards “Best Solo Male” and ”Best Pop Act”. Both 2020 and 2021 has been a testing year for many, however it hasn't stopped El Sam, he has plenty more music coming your way. A lot more to come from El Sam in 2022 and beyond.

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