Paxton Lynch's pro day, the number of 1st round QBs and our favorite prospects

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On this week's Mocking the Draft podcast, hosts Matthew Fairburn of the Syracuse Media Group and Dan Kadar of SB Nation talk quarterbacks. Paxton Lynch of Memphis was the final big-name signal caller to hold his pro day this week. Does having a pro day this late in the schedule hurt Lynch's draft stock? Fairburn and Kadar also try and figure out how many quarterbacks wil get picked in the first round, and which one they'd take fifth. The expectation is that Lynch, Jared Goff of Cal, Carson Wentz of North Dakota State and Connor Cook of Michigan State will be the first four quarterbacks picked. But after that, it's wide open. Could the fifth be Cardale Jones of Ohio State or someone like Jacoby Brissett of North Carolina State? The guys make their picks for the fifth QB. They'll also annoint their favorite prospects in this year's draft. Maybe not necessarily the top players, but the ones they personally like the most. They'll also answer a few reader questions to close the show.

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