302. The Backwoods Yeet Club

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Show Notes:

I’m a father and The Diaper Party Fiasco/ having a baby is weird (4:30)/ Being an old dad (9:35)/ A sitcom dad struggle (12:00)/ Such arc and power (16:00)/ Old dad wisdom (19:07)/ Reach for the Aggro-Crag (24:00)/ Charcuterie Boards (26:10)/ Diaper Party (Reprise) (29:06)/ Would Tommy even hold a baby? (32:05)/ Turning 41 (33:00)/ Changing the name of the podcast (38:30)/ The cool toys (41:00)/ The quality of the toy aisle determines the quality of the store (44:00)/ Captain Power (47:25)/ The Ferret in the Pink Sweater (53:00)/ No tears for Tootsie (1:00:00)/

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