Pamela Marshall, an American migrant with Greek origins.

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2015-09-28Pamela moved to Ireland with her husband in 2009. She has 3 sons, who are all grown up and stay in the USA.

The couple lives in the beautiful Union Hall in West-Cork, far away from cities and therefore also far away from the rat race. Union hall is surprisingly cosmopolitan. Most of pmaela’s local friends are blow-ins from Spain, France, Germany, Poland and The Netherlands.

Union Hall is the most beautiful spot in Ireland according to Pamela; shenever regretted making the move and expects to stay in Ireland.

When asked about Greece, the upbeat mood changes. Pamela’s birth family is Greek, they still live there and are suffering from the economic crisis and the tough austerity measures.

Greeks are a proud people, and the current wave of deaths and suicides in greeks as a direct result of poverty and the austerity measures is simply heart breaking.

And still the Greeks accept thousands of refugees every day, they are a loving, welcoming people and not at all xenophobic.

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