Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 26/09/2020

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The programme this week opened with a reminder about bulb planting for spring, and featured some of the vegetables that can be sown from seed at the moment including broad beans. Conditions over the weekend are perfect for tidying up lawns. The recent night frosts have started to impact any remaining tender bedding plants so Paraic had lots of advice on what to do to get the garden winter ready. There was also a reminder about the benefits of green manure - Paraic highlighted red clover as both a great way to add nutrition to the soil while also being excellent for pollinators. There were features on miscanthus grass, echium plants and bromeliad guzmania. Other topics this week included saving and sowing seeds of marigolds over the winter period, native trees suitable for a small garden, lifting and storing carrots and potatoes, and protecting cabbage and broccoli in frosty weather. Questions from listeners featured gorwing poinsettias, problems with apple scab, taking cuttings from salvia, moving silver birch, controlling bindweed and harvesting pumpkins.

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