Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 10/04/2021

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Colder night time temperatures continue to present a challenge for young tender planst and this week the programme opens with some good advice on how best to protect plants from frost damage. Paraic advocates the use of garden fleece over the coming week for plants already in the ground and suggests that planting out is held off for a little bit longerr until temperatures improve. The programme looks at semi frost hardy plants that can be sown at the moment – lavatera barnseley baby, parahebee avalanche and geranium roseanne are all easy to grow options with long flowering results. As the season is late this year there's still time to move plants and Paraic has advice on the best approach depending on the plants involved. There's information on how to treat laurels going yellow, forsythia not flowering, moving daffodils, maintaining a poinsettia and planting a low flowering border. Liseners questions also include sowing a wildflower meadow, sowing azaleas, begonias, strawberries and red profusion tomatoes, what to do with a leatherjacket infestation in a lawn, pruning lavender and promoting flowering in a camelia.

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