Piano Log 2015-3-8 Part 1

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March 2015 - Day 9

I just attended an incredibly intense and heartfelt talk by Tufts Professor Souhad Zendah about her experiences growing up in Gaza, her life afterwards, and the lives of all the people who live there now. I do not have words to convey this adequately. I have learned some about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict over the years, but I really had no idea it was this bad. Simply, it sounds like Gaza is a prison. And I'm terrified for the people who live there. My heart goes out to them.

I played for the service at the Community Church of Boston, and I ended up making 4 recordings. You'll hear them all. The first three happened before Professor Souhad spoke. The last one happened directly after. I had to close my eyes to keep from crying. I'm going to post them in order, starting today.

This recording was the opening music, calling people to come sit down and get ready for the service.

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