Paul Buck, CEO of EPIC Risk Management: Prison, Responsible Gambling, The Dallas Cowboys & Preston North End

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Episode 14 of Martin Lycka's Safe Bet Show features a hugely notable figure in the responsible gaming world, Paul Buck, CEO & Founder of EPIC Risk Management.

Paul chats about his gambling addiction which led to time in prison, his fandom of the Dallas Cowboys & of course, his beloved Preston North End, and how he views responsible gambling in both the UK & US.

"In the UK let's get the gambling act right, let's make it realistic. Let's make sure those who want to gamble and can stay in control can. For those who can't, let's make sure the right protective measures are there. In the US, let's make sure that safer gambling, sustainable gambling, responsible gambling, it grows just as fast as the industry so that we prevent some of the harms that we've seen in other places and attract people to a regulated market rather than the black market, if you like."

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