Dr Bo Bernhard: Nevada, The Raiders, Building a Team and Mark Twain

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The latest episode of Martin Lycka's Safe Bet Show features Dr Bo Bernhard PHD, Vice President of Economic Development at the UNLV and Executive Director, ​International Gaming Institute.

Bo and Martin had a fascinating chat about all aspects of sports, betting, Las Vegas and Bo's life and career history.

The two discussed everything from what Nevada has to offer outside of Las Vegas, how the Vegas strip has changed during Bo's life, Mark Twain, NFL's Raiders, Harvard University, Boston, and boxing.

Bo and Martin also got into Bo's career history, his ability to build a team, his appearances on NBC and CBS, and his involvement in bringing the Raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas.

Finally, Dr Bernhard rounded up his favourite sportsmen, and summed up his message in the final 60 seconds of the show.

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