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Back to the original duo this week, as reverends Tom and Jamie discuss ALL the big stuff.
We start with a conversation about Boris Johnson's most recent tedious doom-mongering. Is he a "floundering buffoon", a puppet or something even more sinister?
We talk vaccines and vaccine passports. Tony Blair has said that we need even more "publicity" in order to "confront vaccine hesitancy". And our vaccine passport letter bears fruit as we go national and become the news! All links at the end of the show notes.
In Ireland, Christianity is now functionally illegal and finally some (Roman) church leaders have decided to speak up to a certain degree.
We feature the Lament to Action report coming from the CofE, which is of course "deeply institutionally racist". The report outlines the measures that are going to be taken to correct this ostensible reality.
Finally, we end with a deeply moving email of the week from a dear listener.
We encourage listeners to write to your MPs and tell them that we will not put up with any vaccine passports. Please also submit evidence to the cross-parliamentary commission that has been set up - - even if it just to summarise the contents of our letter -
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