Requiem for Alderaan

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Revs Jamie and Daniel get together to discuss the fallout from England's final loss at Euro 2020: Is the UK systemically racists or is this the work of Chinese Twitter Bots? We also talk about the latest movements towards a Covid-19 biostate in England and much more so in France. We cover latest developments in Church of England news, including a large "Thank You NHS" flag draped upon an altar in a building in Tenterden, Kent. And finally we assess the possibility of humans marrying robots within the next thirty years.
Our Scripture this week is Psalm 121.
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Marcus Rashford "overwhelmed" as hundreds gather at mural for anti-racism demo
Church to apologise for expulsion of Jews from medieval England
Macron's Covid Crackdown
It's time to rebel - the Church of England is abandoning its flock

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