Jessie Bates talks possible last ride with Bengals & Titans preview w/ Joe Rexrode

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The playoff race is heating up as November reaches its end. The Bengals square off with the Titans in a matchup with possible postseason implications. Jay and Joe Rexrode, The Athletic's Titans beat writer, break down Sunday's bout. But, before then, Jay catches up with Jessie Bates in a 1-on-1. Is Bates prepared for the possibility that this might be his last ride in Cincinnati? Plus, Paul and Jay share their game predictions and more.

- Titans look ahead (1:30)

- Jessie Bates 1-on-1 (11:00)

- Bengals news and updates (25:00)

- Joe Rexrode joins the pod (31:15)

- Predictions, RPB, Growler (46:15)

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Follow Jay on Twitter: @JayMorrisonATH

Follow Joe on Twitter: @joerexrode

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