Bengals vs. Steelers Round 2 | Can Cincinnati earn their first win in the division?

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Can Cincinnati avenge their early-season loss to Pittsburgh and earn their first AFC North win of the year? Paul, Jay, and Mark Kaboly discuss:

- Joe Burrow on turf vs grass fields (6:00)

- Larry Ogunjobi vs. Bengals (11:30)

- Brian Callahan in the next HC cycle (13:30)

- ESPN NFL Live team on Bengals run game (17:00)

- Uni watch (21:30)

- Mark Kaboly joins the show (22:30)

- Kenny Pickett, Steelers defense, and more (43:30)

- A.R.B.I.E.S., RPB & Growler Bet (1:02:30)

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