GE Ep 288 [2020] - Is SEO Dead? w/ Chris Porteous

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Chris Porteous is the CEO of Grey Smoke Media, which builds sales funnels and marketing workflow solutions for businesses across North America. His growth-focused agency, My SEO Sucks, has helped clients generate tens of millions of dollars and has one of the lowest churn rates of the industry. Chris is here to address the question: Is SEO dead? We discuss the importance of looking at SEO as part of your entire business, its future, and your journey in marketing, as well as the biggest changes he’s seen in SEO in the last few years.

Tune in to learn which aspects of SEO aren’t working today that were working a few years ago, like over-optimized SEO keywords and link building methods, as well as how to leverage SEO optimization holistically across all your social media channels to build your digital footprint and increase your SEO’s effectiveness.

During this interview, we discuss:

1:51 – About Chris Porteous

3:07 – Did you raise any capital for your ventures or did you bootstrap?

3:21 – Chris’s take on the question: Is SEO dead?

4:34 – In the four years you’ve been growing your agency, what are the biggest changes you’ve seen in SEO?

8:08 – Building a holistic footprint for better results: The larger it is, the easier you’re going to rank for more valuable keywords

10:45 – How does SEO tie in to social media?

14:16 – The power in shifting to publishing fewer blogs per month and focusing on higher quality

18:06 – Updating your content + Incorporating user/client questions into your website copy

19:21 – An exciting SEO process they’re using right now to build out their footprint

21:31 – The big takeaway from this episode: Integrating SEO into your entire marketing funnel

22:07 – Chris’s favorite growth tool

22:47 – His most recommended books

23:38 – How to connect with Chris

Plus, a whole lot more!

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Grey Smoke Media

My SEO Sucks!



The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss


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