How I Came Back from the Dead with Le-An Lacaba (True Story)

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Nakaranas kana ba ng near death experience? Yung tipong nakatulog ka habang nagda-drive then next thing you know, nakataob na ang sasakyan pero buhay ka. Or bumabagyo ng malakas at malulunod kana.

This is a rare occurrence and most of us would never wish this, even to our greatest enemies. Etong next guest natin almost died from the typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban. It gave her trauma, PTSD, and some serious mental health issues.

Etong pandemic has showed us that mental health problems are an issue na we can comfortably share with other people. And how it's okay na maramdaman natin toh. As I've learned form acting before, ginagamit atin ang mga issues and traumas natin as a fuel to achieve the goals with have in life. And this is what our guest exactly did to her experiences.

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