Emotional Manipulation & Secret Psyops | Maryam Henein

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Censored investigative journalist @Maryam Henein reveals shocking details about a cover-up in the “investigation” into the murder of George Floyd by officer Derek Chauvin in episode 64 of the Far Out with Faust podcast. Through intrepid investigation, FOIA document requests and actual court evidence, Henein has unearthed an incendiary conspiracy that speaks to an epidemic of emotional manipulation and secret psyops.
At the heart of it all: she followed the money — all the way from virus to violence, as she puts it.
Henein has an explanation for many of the lingering questions surrounding Floyd’s murder. For two years, she’s been driven to reveal the truth beyond what other investigators (like the Daily Wire’s Candace Owens) have been able to uncover.
Spoiler alert: Henein’s tracing this one all the way to fentanyl drug cartels in Sinaloa, Mexico.
She gives Faust the inside story on topics that the government and mainstream media has mysteriously manipulated, or simply just won’t touch, like:
-How well did Derek Chauvin and George Floyd really know each other?
-How did George Floyd really die?
-Why did David Pinney recant his testimony?
-Did Derek Chauvin have a secret past?
-What happened to Floyd’s friend (and would-be key witness) Morries Lester Hall?
-Where did George Floyd get all that counterfeit money?
-What do the owners and employees of Cup Foods really know?
-Was Darnella Frazier really an innocent bystander?
-Was the George Floyd murder used to manipulate BLM?
-How was “I can’t breathe” merchandise created overnight during quarantine?
…and so much more. From one conspiracy to another, see how the George Floyd murder parallels other cases of alleged mass fraud in America:
-The government cover-up of what really happened on 9/11
-The fraud detailed in Joel Gilbert’s documentary The Trayvon Hoax, about murdered teen Trayvon Martin
-The murder of Eric Garner and the origin of the slogan “I can’t breathe”
In this highly politicized, nonsensical and highly manipulated post-’rona world, it all comes down to the importance of *true* consciousness and authenticity as tools for transcendence. And to the relentless pursuit of truth.
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