EP - 016 - 6 Ways To Work From Home Efficiently While Embracing E-Living

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Are you someone who is struggling to draw the boundaries between work and personal time ever since we have gone digital and started working from home?
You are not alone in this, many feel overwhelmed to even understand how to differentiate work time from personal time and that results in lots of mental and emotional challenges.
In this podcast, I talk about 6 Ways to Work From Home Efficiently While Embracing E-Living
I also share the below 4 Concepts that can help one become more efficient:

  1. The Feeling of Going to Work
  2. The Feeling of Returning Back Home
  3. How Habits make us or Break us
  4. Importance of Understanding Energy Cycles to Avoid Burn-Outs

Post this concept, I speak about the 6 ways to WFH efficiently.
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