European Open 2022 is over & DGLO is up next—why’s this our Season 1 Finale? | UM Ep. 34

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As the popularity of disc golf explodes following the great McBattle in Nokia and the eruption of Mt. Locastro in Finland, the Understable Minds crew is calling it a season—why? Find out in this edition of Understable Minds. Before we empty our chairs and take time to regroup for Season 2 of this beloved podcast, listen in as the crew dives into: - The highlights (and lowlights) from the Euro Open - What storylines are the ones to watch at DGLO - How Team DD performed heading into this final episode …and more. Enjoy the season finale of your favorite show! ***Help UM grow*** Love Understable Minds? Please remember to like, share, and leave a review for the podcast. Your feedback is 🪙! *** Need a new 🥏,🎒, 👕, 🧢, or 🎯? ***Buy direct for the best price: **** Follow the most Dynamic content on the 🌐 **** Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tiktok: Disc Golf Podcast:

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