Special Episode: An interview with Rug & Kilim Vice President, Cyrus Nazmiyal

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We’re going to push our study of Josef Albers’ classic book Interaction of Color to next week, because I wanted to share the interview I did with Cyrus Nazmiyal, the vice president of one of our vendors, Rug & Kilim. In our conversation, we talk about a bunch of stuff from the history of his family’s incredible business, the trends he’s seeing in rug specification by designers now and some of the processes that make a Rug & Kilim piece so special. Cyrus does mention some upcoming holiday festivities, as we talked right before the break, so I wanted you all to get to listen before the memories of the season are totally gone. Before I play the interview for you, a word of warning, Cyrus is a busy guy and Rug & Kilim has an actual live Canary in their beautiful Long Island City showroom, so you may notice more ambient noice than usual. Still, I think you’ll all enjoy hearing what he has to say.

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