Episode 85: Sound of Metal, Mank and Run

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What’s up losers. We’ve got a triple feature for you this week! Check out featured reviews of “Sound of Metal”, the new David Fincher film “Mank”, and the Hulu thriller starring Sarah Paulson, “Run”. Also, hope you like video games, because the intro is chock full of PS5 impressions. Stick around to the end to catch up with what we’ve been watching since you last heard from us. 0:00 – Introductions 27:37 – “Sound of Metal” Spoiler-Free Review 50:50 – “Mank” Spoiler-Free Review 1:02:49 – “Run” Spoiler-Free Review 1:16:45 – What We’ve Been Watching Music Intro: Rot - PUP Outro: Mustang – Bartees Strange

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