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Cecilia Edwards is a strategy consultant, coach and author equipping people to use the power they already possess to have maximum impact in their lives, organizations and the world.
There is an elite group of consultants at the top of the $300 billion strategy consulting industry, that support the Fortune 500, Global 1000, and other high performing companies. These firms, such as The Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey & Co., have spent nearly 45 years perfecting the craft of strategy for the business community, translating a centuries-old discipline of the military into a powerful tool for business.
Only a relatively small number of mega-sized companies have historically had access to the depth of thinking these elite consultants bring – until now.
After six and a half years of mastering the elite consulting craft with the world’s leading advisor on business strategy, The Boston Consulting Group, and another half dozen years of translating and successfully applying the strategy craft to small businesses and middle market companies, nonprofits and faith-based organizations, and major civic efforts in affordable housing, health care, early childhood education, research, and public education, Cecilia Edwards is bringing Fortune 500-type strategy to the broader market and to individuals on a quest to accomplish.

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