Everything You Need to Know About Hotel Conversions with Mike Stohler

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In the 143rd episode of Cash Flow Pro, we discuss all everything about hotel conversions with Mike Stohler. Mike is a Navy Veteran and former airline pilot who got into real estate investing in what he calls PGD or “Pre-Google Days.” His case is very particular as Mike did what most people don’t – he went from multi-family to hotel conversions. Mike is Managing Partner at Gateway Private Equity Group and has owned and operated around 1500 units throughout his real estate career.

Gateway Private Equity Group helps its clients make wealth-building real estate investments.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Cap rates and using franchises to find deals
  • The importance of location and what to look for
  • Dealing with covid, the great resignation, and inflation
  • The service industry & finding labor
  • Navigating government protocols
  • The process of hotel conversions and sourcing deals
  • Raising outside capital from people that want to diversify their portfolio

Tune in on this episode to learn about hotel conversions and how you can get started!

Find your flow,

Casey Brown

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

  1. www.gatewaype.com
  2. https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelstohler/

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