The Best & Worst Students in the History of the World, with Kenneth Folk

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In this dharma talk–taken from a Pragmatic Dharma Retreat–Kenneth Folk speaks about Bahiya, the best student in the history of the world, and about the worst student in the history of the world, none other than the Buddha himself.

At the end, Kenneth leads this 4-part practice:

1) Inventory - Ask yourself: is there any unpleasant tension in the body? "Yes, there's tension in my neck, forehead, arm pits, mid-back, right hip, etc."

2) Release tension consciously

3) Surrender fully to the experience

4) Releasing & surrendering are last ditch efforts to control. Things are as they are, "in the sensed is only the sensed."

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Memorable Quotes:

"Mara doesn't get to have an opinion about that." – Kenneth Folk

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