Bringing the world together with Corinne Weber

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Corinne is a film producer from California who is now based in Marseilles, France. Her work is about bringing people from all cultures together to make a difference in our world. She has been behind some extraordinary, creative, ambitious projects, including a film about a river in Athens that was covered by a road for the Olympic Games, photos of privileged and under-privileged children, "Be the Change", where 26 cities in different countries exchanged photographs. Corinne dreams big and realises her dreams, spectacularly.
I would love to hear any comments you might have on this episode and respond to any questions. You can find me on the Brave New World Facebook page, on Linkedin or on my website:

Cecilia Poullain
Founder of Brave New Women
Coach - Empowering Women to Find their Voice

Music: Stephen Marquis
Editing: Talal Bouroki

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