Will Celtics Trade Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant?

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Bob & Jeff weigh the pros and cons on the Celtics possibly trading Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant & discuss Boston's best way to move forward in light of this week's report

0:55: Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart & picks for Kevin Durant? 2:10: Why trading for Durant isn't about Jaylen Brown 7:35: Durant first-round performance against the Celtics 11:10: Did anyone think Jaylen would be this good? 13:30: Do we overrate the 2021-22 Celtics? 16:39: What does Ime Udoka think about Kevin Durant for Jaylen Brown? 20:20: Would Brad Stevens actually pull the trigger on moving Jaylen for Durant? 26:11: Jeff's exciting news from the Peach Jam in Georgia

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