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WELCOME TO ANOTHER KINGS COURTS 2IN1 PODCAST SELECTOR KINGRASTA28 DA ELDA JUST ROCKIN AND MEDATAING Michel Le:something in my heart Bette Midler:tell him James Sulivan:let it rain Mondonna:this used to be my playground Muni Long:conversation Alicia Keys:karma Queen Naja:karma Tamela Mann:take me to the king Lizzo:special Tanya stephens/Cedella Marley/Diana King:diamonds in the sun Rihanna:take a bow Alexandra Njoroge:sexual healing Four Play/El Debarge:sexual healing Marvin Gaye:sexual healing Paul Elliott:ms most wanted Smokey Robinson:my girl Jacquees:A woman's Worth Lady Gaga&Bradley Cooper shallow:from a star born Patti LaBelle ft Michael Mcdonald:on my own Kymani Marley ft Cherine Anderson:one love Diana Ross&Lionel Richie:endless love Reba McEntire&Rascal Flatts:faith in love Natalie Cole&Freddie Jackson:I do Dolly Parton&Kenny Rogers:islands in the stream john legend:all of me Tim Mcgraw&Faith Hill:its your love Bon jovi&Jennifer Nettles:who says you cant go home

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