High, Noon for Monday December 6th 2021

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In today's episode:

A brand new fake 'hate group' has emerged to tell the child-brained commies that they should still be very scared of the no-no people who support Trump, even though no Trump supporter has ever heard of "Patriot Front" or supports anything they say or do

The Daily Mail publishes a piece on Soros DAs raking in the commie cash, but that's just a conspiracy theory

Deposed election fraud beneficiary, Myanmar's Suu Kyi, receives her first conviction, with many more likely on the way

Wisconsin's Michael Gableman makes another appearance in front of the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections and shows the country a perfect model for how to handle corrupt communists

Socialists Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren try to convince their supporters that the filibuster must be ended to 'save abortion'.

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