High, Noon for Monday December 20th 2021

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In today's episode:

Faced with canceling games and throwing the schedule into chaos, the NFL decides to throw out "The Science" and simply stop testing vaccinated, asymptomatic players as a means of reducing cases

The PCR tests are going away

Fake vice president Kamala Harris says the fake administration didn't see Delta or Omicron coming, but Fauci says variants were always part of the plan

Fake vice president Kamala Harris gets angry at Charlamagne tha God for questioning whether Joe Biden is the real president

Joe Manchin says he's a 'no' on Klaus Schwab's Build Back Better agenda, and the fake administration has now accomplished virtually nothing in 2021 other than destroying the lives of American citizens and achieving the worst poll numbers in history

Press Secretary Jen Psaki releases a length statement attacking Joe Manchin

Emails from late 2020 show Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins planning out propaganda attacks to discredit the Great Barrington Declaration and the three world-renowned experts who led the charge

Former Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko is accused of treason - flashback to one of his corrupt calls with Joe Biden

TechnoFog writes about how the Durham investigation is looking directly at the Clinton campaign.

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