Awaken To The Brand New You

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Awaken to the Brand New You is a show about transformation. Luis Soto is a Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, and Personal Trainer who delivers powerful, uplifting, messages on spirituality, transformation, and Personal development.
Each week Luis will share new insights, tools, and ideas to help individuals on how to stop wasting time and start taking action to transform their life.
He will share strategies and testimonials from his clients and his own life that deal with overcoming your limiting beliefs and integrating a new way of living life.
Step into this new paradigm of possibility and joy,- where your True, Authentic Self lives and enjoys life to the fullest. Become better today than yesterday, understand and know that; -
“ we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
The power that created you, created the universe. Now is time to shine your light to the world and sing your song of delight.
Welcome home Spiritual warrior!
With gratitude,
Luis Soto

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