Andy Cooney's New York Irish Hour (34)

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Hi Friends,
I hope you enjoy the 34th New York Irish Hour! I featured another track from Ciara Fox. She's just angelic. Last weekend was 45th The East Durham Irish Festival and it was a blast.. One of the Bands that really lit the place up was Get Up Jack from Albany NY. I played a lively track from them. I also played a track from my dear friend from Galway, Carmel Dempsey. I will also be featuring a new artist to the program, Paul McCahill. This week's Seamus Pick will feature a group from Galway called We Banjo 3. Just fabulous! Our comedy relief will come from the very funny George Casey. Enjoy... Andy
Part 1: Sinead Black, Ciara Fox (new release), Get Up Jack, Andy Cooney (new release)
Part 2: Carmel Dempsey, Tumbling Paddys, Finbar Fury, Paul Cahill (New Single), We Banjo 3 (Seamus Pick)
Part 3: Derek Ryan (Latest release), George Casey (Comedy Relief), Steve Earle & Dervish, Dermot O'Brien, The Irish Tenors

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