Season 5, Episode 9: Country Boy: The Roots of Johnny Cash

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Colin gives a sneak peak at his January 6 "Legacies and Lunch" talk for the Central Arkansas Public Library in Little Rock. His talk will be on his upcoming book Country Boy: The Roots of Johnny Cash, coming out in the fall of 2021 from the University of Arkansas Press.

Country Boy seeks to reclaim Cash for Arkansas. In the book, Colin examines Cash's upbringing in rural Arkansas, his rise to stardom, and the memorable concerts he gave in his home state. These included the concerts for Winthrop Rockefeller in 1968, at Cummins prison farm in 1969, his 1976 show in Rison, and his final Arkansas performance in Kingsland in 1994. Wherever he was in his life, Arkansas kept Cash grounded. No one has quite sounded like Johnny Cash, and his music came from a unique place: Arkansas.

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