BONUS- The Emotions And Economics Of Live Music Curation In A Post-COVID Scene Ft. Christine Msibi

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Enjoy the first episode of the four-part mini-series African Creative Business, Today (ACBT) capsule mini-series in a slight change of pace. The ACBT series explores in-trench personal and professional realities at the intersection of creativity, business and technological change. In this podcast, self-titled "professional music enthusiast" and live music curator Christine Msibi talks about navigating the post-COVID realities within South Africa's vibrant creative industry. Christine is an arts administrator and co-founder/managing director of Jozi Unsigned; an agency positioned as an independent musical talent incubator specialising in project managing, producing, and promoting the live music experience. She is presently contracted to The Music In Africa Foundation as a project coordinator. Some of Christine's career highlights with Jozi Unsigned include curating the first two UJ Weekend of Jazz festivals (2018/2019), curating the headliners for the award-winning I Love Soweto Market (2014 to date), leading the promotion of Msaki in Joburg (2014- 2016) and engaging in a pioneering partnership with Concerts SA (2014 to date). Editorial Disclaimer: African Creative Business, Today (ACBT) is a collaboration between African Tech Roundup and Ahmed Amine Azouzi's media production imprint, Qlam. This project's inaugural four-part capsule series is kindly supported by the BMW Foundation and the Segal Family Foundation. SUPPORT US: Support African Tech Roundup's independent media-making efforts by becoming a Patreon.

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