Chip Shortage: TI TPS61023 Boost Converter

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Chip Shortage is a feature video by Adafruit's Ladyada to highlight items that are in short supply or possibly "unobtainium" (with no known return date to the market). This week it is the TI TPS61023 3.7-A boost converter with 0.5-V ultra-low input voltage - Digi-Key Adafruit uses the TPS61023 in a wide variety of designs, making them an important part of their product lineup. The main product is Adafruit needs 8,000 pieces - they were booked through Digi-Key A YEAR AGO and they've been bumped to 2023! Please ship these to us! --------------------------------------- Adafruit is working night and day to keep products in stock and deliver new products during the chip shortage. Visit to see what new items have been released to find redesigned products with chips that are available. Visit the Adafruit shop online - ----------------------------------------- LIVE CHAT IS HERE! Adafruit on Instagram: Subscribe to Adafruit on YouTube: New tutorials on the Adafruit Learning System:

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