“54 Days of Roses” Catholic Rosary Novena

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Welcome to the 5th season 54 days of roses, a podcast dedicated to the miraculous 54-day rosary novena. I'm your host, Maritza Mendez.This is a podcast for those who seek answers to a particular prayer, and through the recitation of the rosary, we ask our Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for our intentions if they are compatible with God's Holy Will. Together we'll pray the first 27 days in petition, followed by 27 days in thanksgiving, whether or not our request was granted. For the next 54 consecutive days, we'll pray the rosary for Mental Health, and for the intentions that you hold in your heart. I'd also like to welcome you to pray for your own personal intentions. This Podcast is a beautiful devotion that will help you pray the Rosary daily. If you would like us to pray for you or would like to share your Rosary Story, Please visit our website at 54daysofroses.com

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