The Authentic Masculinity Podcast

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The Authentic Masculinity Podcast is where men and women from every walk of life come to find out what it means to be fully masculine in a world in dire need of better, stronger, more courageous and more heroic men. It's where men and women tired of the fast food approach to masculinity come for the pick and shovel work of what men have to do to confront and triumph over all the enemies of true masculinity: laziness, cowardice, out of control appetites and perhaps most of all a culture that has forgotten what it means to be a Good Man and is encouraging men to behave like boys and to take the easy path. We are the other guys. We believe in results and we believe that being a man is the greatest gift each man has been given. We believe men and women are completely equal and-- completely different. We love the difference. We are Shannon McGurk and Jonathan Frappier. Two men-- a French Canadian Mergers and Acquisition international business attorney and a U.S. Armored Cav officer and China Foreign Area Officer turned serial entrepreneur-- who have walked the walk of facing our demons and conquering ourselves. We know what it's like both to fail as men but also what it's like to triumph and experience the savage joy and confidence of being men-- flawed, determined, tough, motivated, ultimately triumphant-- in a world that craves true masculinity. Unapologetic, confident yet humble, content yet ambitious and with no chips on our shoulders. We can help you tap into your own masculinity but more importantly we represent networks of the kind of men who can help you learn how to be a better man as you define it. But-- and this is important-- we don't sugar coat anything and we use an unconventional approach: We expect you to behave like men and we know accountability is key to being a man. We promote self-reliance and confidence in personal relationships, in business, in finance and we reject anything that emasculates men. We challenge a lot of the nonsense that we see suggested in this crazy world: that men are chauvinists, that men are weak, that men won't commit, that men are incompetent, that men are indecisive, that men can be dominated by self confident women. We know that strong men want strong women and strong women crave strong men. The problem we see is that most men have bought into the lie that men should be weak, that men learn how to be men from women. Nothing is further from the truth and it's time to turn the trend around. We're men, not boys. We commit, we execute, we finish and we don't sugar coat. We believe in courage, commitment, valor and most importantly, self-mastery. And we don't want to work with men who are afraid to master themselves. We respect and love women and we believe in traditional tests of masculinity. We are Authentic Masculinity.We believe in the heroic and we believe in you. Listen in if you're ready to get serious about taking on your toughest and most determined opponent: yourself. Learn more at:

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