Interview with Randy Carter, Film and TV Editor and Director

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Randy Carter is a film and television editor and director. Born in Flint, Michigan, after 8 years in the US Navy, he attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and the Vancouver Film School. Based in Los Angeles, Randy has been a professional editor for 25 years.
Randy’s focus as an editor has always been on clarity of storytelling, molding each film until it tells the story in the most interesting way, while never placing style over substance. His credits include films and TV shows for Netflix, Hallmark, Lifetime Television, Ion, UpTV, SyFy Channel and many others. . His latest project is the Lifetime Television original film, The Gabby Petito Story, which is based on the harrowing true story that gripped the nation of a woman trapped in an abusive relationship, which ended in her tragic death.
In the past few years, Randy has started directing projects as well, including three films for Lifetime Television. He still considers himself primarily an editor, however.
Tune in Nov. 20th for "The Case of the Christmas Diamond" on the ion channel.
Randy's Top 5 Inspirational or Encouraging Movies (soundtracks used in the episode). Be sure to go find these movies and watch them in their entirety!
1) Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window
2) Wait Until Dark
3) Chicago
4) Star Wars
5) The Three Days of Condor
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