The 5 Most Scenic College Stadiums To Catch A Fall Football Game

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Fall foliage (oh, and football) for the win. If you've never had a chance to attend a military academy sporting event, it's certainly something a sight to see. Now imagine watching all of that pageantry at Michie Stadium on the campus of West Point (Army) in New York that is nestled along a river amongst the trees. The setting is postcard perfect. It's easy to get confused when we talk about Beaver Stadium that we're not talking about the home of Oregon State Beavers but the home of the Penn State Nittany Lions. The second-largest stadium in college football holds 100,000+ fans who take in the surroundings of fall colors. A white out is typically something reserved for the winter, but when all 100k+ fans wear white at a Penn State game, it is said to be "the best atmosphere in college football" and becomes a tough place for competitors to play. While they may not have the fall colors that the Northeast has, there's nothing like catching a game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. You won't miss the changing leaves (or the cold weather that goes along with it) when you're watching the sunset over the mountains that surround the stadium. The UCLA Bruins have the home-field advantage on sunset views. Husky Stadium in Seattle, home to the University of Washington Huskies, is known for the tailgate tradition of boatgating on Lake Washington outside the stadium. But the venue's other top attributes are the views of Downtown Seattle, Mt. Rainier and the Cascade Mountains to the east and the Olympic Mountain Range to the west. The landscape is a welcome respite from the tension associated with a football game. LaVell Edwards Stadium at BYU in Provo, Utah, may have just started serving caffeinated soda in 2017, but the views have been around since the beginning. Make sure to check out the ice cream made on campus when you're perusing the concourse for snacks at a game. (In case you're wondering, the school's honor code states, students, administration, and staff will "abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee and substance abuse.") Honorable mention goes to Sun Devil Stadium (Arizona State University). Nuzzled up against a mountain, the desert sky provides the perfect background for not too chilly fall football. Just don't make the mistake of going to a game in the summer. If you haven’t already, make sure to select your picks in our Bachelorette Bracket in partnership with I Hate Green Beans. If you want a brilliant recap of the latest episode, make sure to check out Lincee and Some Guy In Austin on the “I Hate Green Beans” podcast recap episode that’s sure to have you laughing. LINKS: Shop the store: use promo code SPORTSCURIOUS

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