Five Reasons To Tune Into The World Series

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Pearl necklaces, drinking for good and the circle of life. They may be in it for the World Series ring, but for Joc Pederson, it's all about the pearls. The Atlanta Braves outfielder has been wearing a pearl necklace during the playoffs. Why? He hasn't given a straight answer, but his latest answer of "he's a bad b—" is good enough for us. The Houston Astros have home-field advantage, and that means they host four of the games in the best-of-seven series. More games means more alcohol sales. In Houston, sales at Minute Maid Field are on pace to be the most the park has seen in the last five years, with the taxes collected on alcohol alone hitting $1.9 million. The State of Texas, Harris County and the city of Houston thank you for contributing to the $12.8 million of beer, wine and liquor sold so far this season. What were you doing in 1999 - a whopping 22 years ago? That was the last time the Atlanta Braves appeared in the World Series. On Tuesday, they will meet up with the Houston Astros in Game One of the World Series. The Fall Classic is back, and the Astros have a lot to prove. The last time the Astros won a World Series in 2017, they were caught cheating. The team kept their title, but they're trying to prove they don't need to cheat to win it all. Manager (i.e., head coach) for the Houston Astros, Dusty Baker's baseball career has come full circle. He started in the major leagues with the Atlanta Braves at 19 years old. Now at 72, he will face his first team in the World Series in what could be his last season coaching. It's a family affair for Braves manager Brian Snitker who will face his son Troy in the Fall Classic. Troy is the hitting coach for the Astros. Hopefully, the result won't equal an uncomfortable holiday season in the Snitker household. One thing to remember when watching the World Series is that the two leagues in baseball have different rules. In the American League (Astros), pitchers do not hit for themselves and instead, a designated hitter hits for the pitchers. At games in the National League ballpark (Braves), the pitcher will have to hit for himself, changing the strategy significantly.

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